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1959 Mercedes 220S Convertible - VIN: 180-030-Z-85-19904.  My father bought this car in 1979 and I recently bought it from him and am starting the process of restoring it. 

Car now in good running shape.  
New BF Goodrich 725-13 bias-ply tires sourced from Coker tire.
The paint codes stamped on the ID plate shows that these are the original colors.
I recently sourced a Becker "Mexico" original style radio from eBay.
I recently (Jan 2009) licensed the car in California and was able to transfer onto the car a yellow 1959 license plate I bought on eBay under the DMV's "Year of Manufacture" rules. 
Lots of work to be done obviously though!

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MB_1036_LRear.jpg (564956 bytes)    MB_1041_Int.jpg (842329 bytes)    MB_1042_IntR.jpg (728182 bytes)    MB_533_CenterDash.jpg (302157 bytes)    MB_1038_Rear.jpg (600999 bytes)


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